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I just drifted away here during my ten hour night-shift. Be sure not to miss our exhibition MÖRKER this weekend if you happen to be in Göteborg.
Also, here's a playlist for you.
Triptych, oil on canvas.

Haven't been much activity here lately. But I've made a soundtrack to the end of the world.

I haven't really been creative nor productive for a while, just listening to Rome and biding my time.

Black Metal Ist Krieg (The playlist for Spotify-users...)

A six or seven year old drawing.

A pattern I made for a school assignment.

A few drawings I previously forgot to publish, I had them cut out of my book and so they fell into oblivion. Almost.

I've started on a train. Kept on going. Made it worse. Then better.
But in the end - worse. But I'm posting it anyways. Because it's the last one.